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LDH Scissors Canada

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LDH Scissors Canada

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See what others are saying.

"Bad joints make good scissors mandatory. Especially cutting garments is hard on the fingers and wrists. These cut through fabric like a hot knife through butter! I used them on a project already and I am in love."

by Kim

"These scissors from LDH are simply sexy and super sharp. Definitely five stars."

by Mathew

"They should be on every first-year fashion students supply list and part of any sewists tool kit. "

by Adrienne

"They cut the fabric like if it was melted butter! It was super easy and I'm really happy with them."

by Cristina

"When they came in the mail I loved them instantly! Black, great weight and just lovely! I have now given them a good workout and they cut fantastic!"

by Becca

"I've been cutting fabric all day and I am in love with these scissors from LDH!!! They are carbon steel anti-rust and super sharp!"

by Kim F.

"Finally got them in the mail and the motion is deliciously smooth, I even love the sound it makes while cutting." 

by Allie

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