Scissor Facts

General Product Information and Product Maintenance

Can the scissors be sharpened? 

Most of the scissors are able to be sharpened. There are exceptions such as the one-piece thread cutters and other thread cutters.

How many layers can the scissors cut?

Most of the scissors are equipped to cut through thick layers of fabric. The rule of thumb is: the bigger and heavier the scissors, the heavier the material the scissors can cut through.

Are the scissors anti-rust? 

Yes and no. It depends on the scissors that you purchase. We have scissors available that have been manufactured with an anti-rust coating or anti-rust material. Others will need to be treated with anti-rust oil. 

Why are my scissors so greasy?

This is because we use a coating of oil to prevent any rust from developing during the shipping process.  You can simply wipe it off before using the scissors. However, we do recommend that you brush a thin layer of anti-rust oil on the blades when not in use.