General Product Information and Product Maintenance

What does the size indicate? 

The measurement you see - such as 8" - is the entire length of the scissor, including the handle.

Which size should I get? 

Choosing a size depends on a number of factors, including hand and finger size, the intended use of the scissors, and the strength of your hand and wrist. If you are doing any detail work, choose a smaller size, such as an 8" or 9". If you are cutting long swathes of fabric or batting, a larger scissor, such as 11" or 12", would be most suitable. 
Depending on the size of your hand you will be able to open the scissors to varying degrees; a smaller hand with shorter fingers will get more leverage from a larger scissor, such as 10", because you will not be stretching your hand open as much as you would have to with a smaller scissor.  

If you are struggling to choose the right size, we suggest choosing a 9" or 10" scissor. 

If you need help choosing, feel free to reach out to us at INFO@SHOPLDH.COM

Can the scissors be sharpened? 

Most of our scissors are able to be sharpened. There are exceptions, such as the one-piece thread cutters.

Are the scissors anti-rust? 

It depends on the kind of scissor that you purchase. We have scissors available that have been manufactured with an anti-rust coating - such as our Midnight Edition line of scissors- or anti-rust material - such as any stainless steel product. Others will need to be treated with oil - such as a sewing machine oil - if being stored for a couple of months. Just like a knife, as long as you are keeping your scissors clean and dry, you shouldn't experience any issues with rusting. 

Why are my scissors so greasy?

This is because we use a coating of oil to prevent any rust from developing during the shipping process. You can simply wipe it off before using the scissors. However, we do recommend that you apply a thin layer of oil - such as anti-rust, sewing machine oil, or any neutral oil - on the blades and button with a cloth when not in use.

Why are my scissors scratched?

While we try our best to improve the overall quality of our scissors, the aesthetics of our scissors may not be perfect. Our scissors are handcrafted and pass through at least 6 people to ensure they are at the highest quality. Unavoidably, the surface of the scissors may become scratched, especially on softer metals, such as high carbon steel. This is what we consider normal wear during our manufacturing process, and isn’t something we can cover under our warranty after they have been made.

Left-handed Scissors 

Yes, we have left-handed scissors! 

At the moment, we only have left-handed Midnight Edition tailor shears available for our retail customers (refer to our product list).

We understand the frustration of trying to find a high-quality left-handed scissor! Without sufficient demand, the high cost of manufacturing a new length or variety of left-handed scissors would be passed on to you, the customer, as the process of making a left-handed pair of scissors is completely different than making a right-handed pair; not only are the tools different, but only a left-handed person can make a proper pair of left-handed scissors. 

If you are interested in an expanded line of left-handed scissors, send us an email below.


Production Location 

All of our products and packaging are designed in Toronto, Canada, and are handcrafted in our family factories just outside of Hong Kong, in Shenzhen, China.


Why is the price at checkout in Canadian dollars (CAD)? 

All payments are processed in CAD at the current exchange rate, even if the website shows your local currency.


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