Sharpening Service

Starting October 18th, LDH will offer sharpening services for all of our LDH scissors that are sold in North America. Unfortunately, this service is only limited to LDH-brand scissors.  

Scissors sent in will be professionally restored and sharpened to a functionally new condition. Please note that it is not possible to restore the appearance of the scissors during this process; while being sharpened, the physical appearance of the blades may be changed.

The turnaround time is about 2- 3 weeks plus shipping. 

To purchase, please click here.

For Canadian customers, the charge is $15 CAD including tax. This fee will include return shipping cost. 

For U.S. customers, the charge is $30 CAD. This fee will include return shipping cost. 

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Please ship to:

LDH Scissors 

137-1140 Burnhamthorpe Road W, Suite #217, Mississauga, ON, L5C 0A3 



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