Our Complete Care Package

We get it! Buying a pair of great tailor shears is an investment and we want to provide the best customer service and after-sales experience. That's why we offer our customers a complete care package for our scissors.


10-year Warranty

We stand 100% behind our products. Therefore, all of our scissors come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty! Under reasonable use, our warranty covers any manufacturing defects, such as broken blades and broken handles.

In order to start the warranty claim, we will ask for a picture of the defected scissors - this is to help us assess the damage and to help prevent future manufacturing defects. We will also require a receipt or your scissors’ original box to start the claim for you. We will then be able to issue you a replacement. Please note that shipping fees may apply. 

This warranty only covers manufacturing faults and does not cover any wear and tear, unreasonable use, exposure to moisture/oxidation, intentional damage, and misuse. 

Please note that while we try our best to improve the overall quality of our scissors, the aesthetics of our scissors may not be perfect. Our scissors are handcrafted and pass through at least 6 people to ensure they are the highest quality possible. Unavoidably, the surface of the scissors may become scratched, especially on softer metals, such as high carbon steel. This is what we consider normal wear during our manufacturing process, and therefore, isn’t something we can cover under our warranty after they have been made. If you have more questions regarding this or the manufacturing process, please contact us below.


Sharpening Service

We offer sharpening services for all of our scissors (excluding snips)!

Depending on what kind of fabric you are cutting, the frequency you are using them, or the craft you are using them for, our scissors will not dull quickly when performing simple sewing tasks or are used for only one kind of fabric (i.e. natural or synthetic fabrics or paper). If the time ever comes when you do find that your scissors are starting to become dull, you can send them to us to get them back to tip-top shape!

When you send us your scissors, we will adjust the button and apply an anti-rust oil to the surface. Please note that it is not possible to restore the appearance of the scissors during this process; while being sharpened, the appearance of the blades may change.

The turnaround time for sharpening is 2- 3 weeks plus shipping time.

For Canadian customers, the charge is $15 CAD per pair, including tax. This fee includes return shipping costs.

For U.S. customers, the charge is $30 CAD per pair. This fee includes return shipping costs.

Please note that customers will be responsible for any shipping costs when shipping the scissors to us.

Ship to:

LDH Scissors

137-1140 Burnhamthorpe Road W, Suite #217, Mississauga, ON, L5C 0A3


To purchase or review our sharpening service, please click here.


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